Saiou Tokiwazu:artist,traditional Japanese music musician,Shamisen Player

Saiou Tokiwazu:artist

Saiou Tokiwazu is the artist Traditional Japanese music, Shamisen player. The shamisen is the most popular instrument in Edo era(1600-1872) in Japan.She plays the Shamisen, sometimes telling old stories, sometimes sings songs.

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1:The patience and the passion

photo by Daniel Gendre,Swiss, respective photographer

Saiou says;
“I have three important duty as the player of the Japanese classical music.
-Firstly, inherit the tradition of ancient people.
-Secondly, playing Shamisen music for modern people.
-Thirdly, passing down sprits of traditionl Japan to the next generation.

It is to express a Japanese heart that I value most.
That is, passion, and patience.

-A heart to love nature and the four seasons of the own country.
-A heart to love a family and a friend, a lover.
-A heart that it is understood and respects the partner who met newly.

I play the Shamisen wearing Japanese traditional folk costume, kimono.
Kimono is a very symbolic costume of  ‘the patience’.
However,  I also have’the passion’ as a person living in modern Tokyo.

Life is a journery of seeking the truth; it may be seeking the truth of the passion and the the patinece.”

2:The passion in mind-The restricting of movement sometimes bears the strong passion.

photos by Tomoyuki Nagata, photographer ,nice friend

3:The calm-The moment is no sounds includes the limitless worlds.I pray for her dancing goes well at the moment of no sounds.
photo by Ryuta Yamaguchi, Kyoto friend

4:The smile-Smiling is only for private reliable friends.The traditional Japanese musician is not permitted in time of the formal performance. Restricted smile is sometimes the role as traditional Japan music artist.

5:The meeting different culture-the different culture is worth meeting, however it sometimes contains difficulties. It brings me a lot of experiences, and new ideas.

Difficulties of understanding sometimes brigs sadness or anxiety.
The most wise way of understanding is having a good
smile, I know. 

photo by Ryuta Yamaguchi,friend in Kyoto

photo by Daniel Gendre,Swiss

photo by Yukiko Yamashita : commercial photographer, reliable friend

photo by Asako
Profile and Works
Saiou Tokiwazu:artist,musician,Shamisen player
born in Tokyo, September 18.
teached Shamisen at TOHO MUSIC COLLEGE(extension center)

Work at traditional Japan music concert for junior high school student:she has been woking for it more than ten years.

TV work with actor / January,2016/perfomance and teaching

Publishig: photo of playing at taraditional Jpananese music conert has been published in the textbook for Junior high school students,Ongakuno-okurimono

Movie work with Calligraphy / April,2017

Work for the insurance company’s web site with actor

Work at radio program / August,2017

Publsisehd in Chinese newspaper;中国新報 / May 1,2018

Works of Educational lecture and music performance / elemental school attached national university / Oct 2018/Shyomyo (monk music), Shamisen, and drum percussion

Flyer of Art of Tokyo in Swiss/ March 2017photographer:Daniel Gendre,Swiss

Works of concerts and lives-Sakura-concert(traditional Shamisen music concert)1-7, Salon Concert of Shamisen and strories 1-12, Shamisen live of Japanese Ghost stories1-6 and so on

photos by Yukiko Yamashita, commercial photographer

with thanking for saiou’s many friends, musicians, and …

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